Daily Science Fiction to publish my short story

I am pleased to report that Daily Science Fiction magazine is to publish my SF short story “Those Little Slices of Death”, a tale of attempts to engineer humans out of dependance on a highly addictive natural narcotic. Daily Science Fiction is an online publication that pays professional rates and drop high-quality short fiction into your inbox every day should you desire it. When the story comes up I will let people know.

I am particularly pleased this story got placed as it has a distinct note of social consciousness. More and more, since late 2011, I’ve begun to sound a campaigning note in my fiction against those who exploit undeserved power brutally and blatantly. This story is an example of that and it makes me happy that it’s out there, sounding that delicate note of anger.

On another note, this being my third pro-SF publication, I am now eligible to join the Science Fiction Writers Association. Though I’ve heard recently they’ve got into a spot of bother with talk of hot lady writers, Barbie as a role model and chain mail bikinis. Sounds like they got stuck in an episode of Mad Men and couldn’t get out. More pertinently, I’d have to pay for the privilege, and I don’t write enough SF for it to be worth my while, so…

7 thoughts on “Daily Science Fiction to publish my short story

  1. This is really good, I didn’t know you did SF, I had never heard of Daily Science Fiction either. I have a SF story without a home so this is also an interesting tip. All the best with all your stuff.

    1. Hi Alison! Thanks for the good wishes. Oh yes, give it a go, it’s a good market! The one I sent them was a flash, too, 900 words – I know you like flash so might be right up your alleyway.
      I don’t usually write SF but I’ve been placed in Nature magazine twice, they have an upper limit of 950 words I think. There’s links to the guidelines from the stories I’ve linked to on my “writings and links” page.
      I see you’ve read the Herbalist. I’m thinking of reading it myself soon so I’ll check out your review.

    1. 😀 Time’s slipstream does funny things to blog comments…

      Well done, again. And send off the other one asap! I’ve just subscribed to the site, and I think I have just the story for it myself… Worth a go, anyway! 🙂

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