My Story “Dead Money”

Back in the day, I wrote a story called “Dead Money” which won second prize in the Global Short Stories competition in April 2009 and earned me the princely sum of £25 sterling. (I was unemployed at the time. It was the only income I received that year not from the government.)

I had a link to it on the Global Short Stories site in my Writings and Links pages only to discover that the link was broken. So I’ve dug it out of my email, saved it as a PDF, uploaded it here and updated the link.

Read my story “Dead Money” in PDF format here

A word about the title. I placed this story in 2009, but I wrote it in late 2006/early 2007. Ireland was in its false boom when I created this. Reading it now, it sounds like more Irish navel-gazing. But writing it then, I was a bit of a Cassandra. No wonder it took me so long to place it, and that I did so in a British magazine!



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