Summer Short Story and Novel Competitions

Fellow Novel Fairist (or should that be “fairest”?) Andrea Carter has mentioned a few short story competitions with upcoming deadlines for the summer. I’d like to add a couple more that I’ve heard of via twitter or just generally futzing around the internet.

Costa Short Story Awards – 4,000 words. Has to be submitted in Arial, possibly on the basis that if you still enjoy reading a story after that, it must be pretty robust, I guess

Abroad Flash Fiction Competition (500 words) – the first prize is a residential workshop and a chance to network with industry professionals. If, like David Drumm, you “need the moolah”, you might prefer a cash prize, though I think this definitely sounds worth checking out. And who wants to be like David Drumm?

Long Hidden anthology – this is an interesting one. A Kickstarter project that invites submissions for speculative fiction (i.e. kinda alternative historical universes) about marginalised people all through history. @crossedgenres at twitter have more info. They pay $5c a word, which adds up to a very respectable total indeed for a few thousand words. The guidelines are longer than War and Peace and rather daunting looking, but don’t let that put you off an interesting project.

The Marie Claire Début Novel Award – contemporary women’s fiction, first 6,000 words plus a 300-word synopsis. Judged by Cecelia Ahern, so if you’re not a fan of that lady, then obviously don’t submit. While I find her style a bit saccharine, I was intrigued by the novel she wrote where a woman befriends a younger relative’s imaginary friend, falls in love with the imaginary friend, and said i.f. turns her down. That’s a rather dark and interesting plot! Short Story Competition – up to 7,000 words. Writers must be Irish by birth, citizenship, or be living here for a good while. Apologies all the good readers here from other places.

And a late edition – the Bath Novel Award – organised by the same people behind the Bath Short Story Award I blogged about earlier this year. Judged by agent Juliet Mushens of The Agency Group. Closing date not till 28 February 2014 so that gives time to lash out a first draft 🙂

If anyone has any event they’d like to add, feel free to drop a comment.

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