Walking On Thin Ice Short Story Contest

Ooooh I’m so excited! Remember the short story competition I blogged earlier about wanting to set up? Well I’ve gone and done most of the preparatory work and sent an application off to fundit.ie so that I can fundraise for prize money. I’m still waiting on them to write back and say, “Yes, we believe you are going to use the funds for the purpose stated and not flee to the Cayman Islands with the swag” and then hopefully we are good to go.

So consider this post as advance publicity, if you will.

I feel so very very strongly about this. Mental health campaigning has been a lot about encouragement and charity, which is great – but less about advocacy, which is just as important. And as I say on the website, writers are in the vanguard of making sure such advocacy gets damn well…um, advocated!

So here is the video below that I will hopefully have on fundit.ie. I’ve never made a video like that before so it was quite a challenge 🙂 And for more info, see the main page of the website. Fingers crossed everything will go well.


2 thoughts on “Walking On Thin Ice Short Story Contest

  1. Hi Susan, just got here vi twitter. Intrigued, I’m no longer young but have issues with despair and suicidal ideations but from another source. I attend Gambers anonymous but try to BLOG every now and then. Not sure if I’d qualify to enter the competition. Your thoughts appreciated.

    1. Hi Padraig, thank you for dropping in! Entry will be totally open so anyone will be free to enter as long as they write fiction and it’s the correct wordlength, the hope is that we can raise enough funds using fundit.ie for decent prize money. I probably should make the rules clear at this stage so that people can start drafting stories, because even if I don’t manage to raise via fundit, by hook or by crook I will find some other way, and it would be good to give time for people to start drafting. So I’ll work on that sometime over the weekend, am going away today.

      Hop over and have a look at the website, that might help 🙂

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