The Box is Unequal to the Task of Containing Them

Sinead O’Hart has written a beautiful, powerful post promoting the short story competition I’m running, Walking on Thin Ice. I’ve fully funded it, with some help from donations, but we’re in need of lots of subs, so I’ve extended the deadline to November 15. Here is a quote:

I wish we existed in a society where those who battle with a heavy mind could feel that help was at hand whenever they needed it. Instead, people are slotted into ‘boxes’, made to believe they are faulty when the box into which they’re put is unequal to the task of containing them, and forced to conform, under threat of shame. 

Walking on  Thin Ice aims to start the process of correcting that. I’ll be doing my bit to help, and I hope you will, too.

I also came across a wonderful piece of art by Susie Cambell here (link contains strong language.) It makes a great point about how we stigmatise mental health issues. I can think of several very recent, high-profile examples of this, which remain unatoned-for by the stigmatisers.


Looking forward to getting more subs 🙂

One thought on “The Box is Unequal to the Task of Containing Them

  1. Thank God I found this site is all I can say. But it will not be all I can say…I am going to enter the contest. Oh, I’ve got lots to tell about. As usual I will write through tears. Angry tears and sad tears. That cartoon…I have used those comparisons on so many people (even family). I am so relieved to have found this as I ponder if my current meds are working cause darn I really don’t feel as if they are. Gotta go check out more on this site and start my submission.

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