Dr Henry Gee, Nature Futures Editor

ETA. 29 Jan – got some hostile feedback indicating I’d glossed over the content of the original tweet. Fair point: have edited the first para to include more detail.

ETA. 24 Jan – the invective surrounding Dr Gee from the scientific community has now reached the point of being beyond ridiculous. Since his one comment on his ill-judged tweet, he has been compared to Ike Turner, wife-beaters in general and terrorists. I fully expect an upgrade to “axe-murderer” the following morning, for God’s sake. This is unedifying, and I want to post my support for Dr Gee, whom I found warm, supportive and charming.

There is a lot of buzz going around the internet at present about one of the editors in the worldwide science magazine Nature, Dr Henry Gee. He is getting a lot of stick for issuing an angry tweet about a person critical of him, using his official account. This tweet mentioned the critic by name: while that is not a total secret, she generally blogs pseudonymously. It also slighted the status of her work by saying it was of no consequence. Before we go any further, I want to say that I don’t condone that tweet. Neither, on reflection, does Henry Gee himself.

But then – Seeing references on my twitter feed, and looking through the archives that this person had written, I saw her refer to Dr Gee in 2011 as a “feminist antichrist”.

And that stopped me short.

Because I have had dealings with Henry Gee, when I sent him those two relentlessly feminist short stories he published in 2010 and 2011, and which – gasp! surprise! – he was happy to publish. Apart from being uncomfortable with referring to a Jewish man as “the antichrist”, such a term was not my personal experience of him at all and she might imagine that she speaks for quite a few people – but she does not speak for me.

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Today I am Rather Excited

…because I have got an email from the publishers to let me know that I have been assigned an editor and the edits are due to start on White Feathers next week.

I am very excited about working with Liz Hudson, who has a great portfolio. I’m honoured to be numbered among Claire Kilroy and Arlene Hunt!

I am trying not to think of Operation Transformation, when the very hefty book tremblingly shuffles onto the scales and the announcer says – “Your starting weight…is…Oh Jesus -” breaking off in disgust – “how did you end up in this state?”

No more literary porkpies. It is TIME FOR BOOTCAMP!