Womentoring Project Launch Blog Splash!

I have the pleasure of taking part in Kerry Hudson’s wonderful Womentoring project. I’ve volunteered my services as a mentor, which means I will provide feedback and assistance to your writing – so if you’re a woman and you’re interested in assistance from me, my Womentoring profile info is here.

Guidelines to apply (taken directly from their website)

How to apply

  • Email the womentoringproject@gmail.com with:

  1. 1000 word sample of your writing
  2. 500 word statement, specifying why you would benefit from free mentoring
  3. Your full contact details
  • Please cut and paste all of this information into the body of the email and ensure they are clearly titled as ‘writing sample’ ‘statement’ and ‘contact details’. The subject line of your email should contain the name of mentor you are applying for mentoring with i.e. ‘Sally Briggs’ if you were applying for a mentor called Sally Briggs.
  • It is really important to the project’s success that you only have one application active for one mentor at a time – the emails will be monitored in this regard.
  • Your email application, along with any others received, will be forwarded to the mentor for review
  • If you are successful your mentor will get in touch personally to discuss moving forward
  • If you are unsuccessful you’ll be notified by email – please note the response times will vary depending on the mentor but you will receive notification
  • If you are unsuccessful you’ll be eligible to apply for another mentor


  • As we have limited resources applications that don’t follow the guidelines above will automatically be disqualified. We have tried to keep them as simple as possible so please (please, please, please etc.) do follow them.

  • Choose the mentor you want to apply for carefully. Although all mentor profiles have biographies we strongly recommend also doing some research on your prospective mentor and reading/familiarising yourself with some of their writing before you apply to ensure the best ‘fit’.

  • The application system isn’t first come first served so do take time and care with your writing sample and statement. Give yourself the best chance by making your application as polished as possible.

  • Your 500 word statement is incredibly important and should explain exactly why you need free mentoring (i.e. why you are unable to access paid opportunities) and how having a mentor will benefit you. A good statement could be the difference between being successful or not!

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