Update on Womentoring and Novel Progress

Since the launch of Womentoring on Tuesday, I’ve received an application – thank you! I will leave applications open for the next few days and then when that’s done I will start getting in contact. Thanks to everyone who has applied or is thinking of applying!

Edits continue apace and we continue to tame the monster. So I am all in the middle of battles and drama and high sentiment. Also this week I got sent the draft cover for the novel. It is very stylish and I’m excited to see the first images. Well done to all involved. Another step closer to a book – it’s so exciting 🙂

I’ve also made another tweak to my wordpress site. I took the top of the Kitchener poster I had in the last layout, chopped it in two and used it as my header and landing page image. The Kitchener poster with its caption “Be certain that your so-called reason [for not enlisting] is not a selfish excuse” is one of a medley of WWI propaganda posters I saw in the Imperial War Museum in 2011 and took photographs of. When you see them one after the other, in a dizzying reel, you begin to feel a bit harried and cornered. It’s a classic example of using shaming to get the objective you want – in Kitchener’s case, that was a million and a half men on the battlefield.


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