Writing Workshops

Well yesterday I delivered the substantive edits for White Feathers and they are DONE. Three months of rewriting and editing and now the process is nearly complete. And there in some dust covered corner is the rest of my life, demanding my attention.

Given that my bank balance needs a bit of TLC, I have made the first tentative steps towards offering writers’ workshops again. I last conducted them in 2011 – so it’s been a while, but thankfully the fundamentals of writing haven’t changed that much since then. I however have a lot more experience to bring to the table now than I did then – and I love to share it! If anyone is interested to hear more, please click the “Workshops and Services” page on the menu.

When I conduct workshops I only ever do what I know how to do – I don’t fake anything. That meant that I didn’t feel entitled to give advice on crafting a novel, just short stories – but now that’s changed. I am redesigning my programme to take that into account.

One thing I love about workshops is how eager people are to take part and how much you, the facilitator can learn from them as well as vice versa. It really is a privilege to be able to do it and I hope I will get the opportunity soon.

The contact page is here for further info!

2 thoughts on “Writing Workshops

  1. Excellent! If my own bank balance wasn’t in a similar state of dustiness, I might even be tempted to take one of your courses… until then, though, I hope signal boosting will do. 🙂 Hope it all goes well.

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