My story “Stay Special” to be included in Nature Futures anthology

After a rather turbulent and trying day, I just received a very welcome distraction in a message from Colin Sullivan, editor of Nature Futures: my story “Stay Special”, a dystopian narrative of suppression of age in women, will be featured in the second anthology of Nature Futures stories. (This is a series of hard sci-fi published in Nature magazine every week.)

Futures 2 (#Futures2) will be coming out as an eBook and will be promoted this summer at LonCon. Published by Tor, it will be available from early September from the usual outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc)

Since White Feathers is out 25 August I might not be able to flag this as much as I would like, but do go check it out. There are some great stories there.


5 thoughts on “My story “Stay Special” to be included in Nature Futures anthology

      1. Colin and I put our heads together to choose stories for this. ‘Stay Special’ is a remarkable story (and an inspiration, too, for one of my own daughters) and fully deserves a place among what promises to be a truly stellar line up of tales, published by him and me since 2007.

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh…I have just had a horrible week where a horrible person left me a shaking wreck. To read your comment that my story inspired your daughter is the most moving, beautiful thing you could have said to me and pushes me all the more to celebrate what I’ve done and do more of it. I’m really touched, Henry. Thanks to you and your daughter too.

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