In Which It’s All About the Book

As countdown towards publication day approaches, it’s getting increasingly difficult to think about anything else 😉

Yesterday I got a huge box of author copies – regretfully I had not thought to drive to the sorting office, so I huffed and puffed my way back home, which fortunately wasn’t too far away. It’s one way to build muscle tone! 

I’m proud of White Feathers. It’s not even out there “in anger” yet (I love that expression, anger meaning for real. Just shows that for all our anodyne talk, it’s an emotion that gets respect) and the book has already

  • gone to no.1 on the Easons Historical Fiction ebooks list. I’d post a link only today a dirt cheap ebook from Ken Follett and Diana Gabaldon pushed it back into third place – still, not bad company 😉 Hold the phone…As of the night of the 15th August, White Feathers is now the top selling e-book in Easons, of any genre! Holy cow!Easons 15082014
  • hit no.2 on the Lovereading downloads list for the last ten days at It originally came in at no. 6 and is now just behind Liane Moriarty. There’s a lovely review on the lovereading page too.

(I will feel free to add more items to that bullet list as they come in, and bang on about them.)

The wonderful team at O’Brien Press are doing a great job. Particular mention here for Ruth, Brenda and Geraldine who are handling the sales and promotion. I’ve also had the good fortune to have a powerful cover on the book, and a meticulous and inspiring editor to help this book really be its best.

White Feathers will be deployed “in anger” on the 25th – unless you ordered on Amazon, in which case some of you might be getting your copies early!

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