The “Meet My Character” Meme

Henry Gee tagged me for this a while back and I’m getting back to him scandalously late – sorry, Henry! This is the meme where I introduce a character from my most recent work, which would be White Feathers. I’m going to go for Joseph Cronin, native of Kilkeen, Co Tipperary, a minor and, if we’re honest, not very likeable character, but who does have one great line in his arsenal.
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More Signings and a School Reunion

This weekend I was invited by a classmate I’d reconnected with on Twitter to come down to an anniversary celebration school reunion of the past pupils of St Leo’s College, Carlow. I decided, with some trepidation, to say yes. I also knew that it would be a good way to catch up on White Feathers and see how it was getting on in Carlow and Kilkenny. On the way I called into Dubray Books Kilkenny, where Noelle was very kind and helpful and made lots of great suggestions, then The Book Centre and finally Stone House Books, a lovely indie shop. I had a great time saying hello to people and writing my name many times. I’ll get to the reunion in a minute.


In the Book Centre, Kilkenny. White Feathers has its own shelf :)
In the Book Centre, Kilkenny. White Feathers has its own shelf 🙂



With Liz from Stone House Books, Kilkenny, a lovely independent bookshop opposite Kyteler's Inn
With Liz from Stone House Books, Kilkenny, a lovely independent bookshop opposite Kyteler’s Inn


2014-09-20 15.49.54
In Stone House Books


The lovely Fergal from Easons Carlow obligingly holds on to some of the books
The lovely Fergal from Easons Carlow obligingly holds on to some of the books as I request a photo!


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Reminder: Reading on Saturday in Arthurs Pub for Caca Milis

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be reading from White Feathers at the Caca Milis Old Music Hall Cabaret in Arthurs Pub on Thomas Street next Saturday at 9pm. It definitely won’t be from the same place as I did on the launch – I think Mrs Humphrey Ward needs a bit of a rest – so I will probably pick either a romantic scene or a battle one. I have a feeling you lot would prefer a bit of battle, but feel free to let me know, there are plenty of scenes to choose from 🙂

I’m a long time Caca Milis supporter, and have been to one of their earlier sessions as a spectator and had a great time. (Helena points out I’ve also read there many times before, but it wasn’t White Feathers tho:)

Also the kind folk at O’Brien Press have provided me with some copies of the book, so they will be for sale on the night.

For more information about either my reading, the night, or the series, check out the Caca Milis homepage.

Goodreads Giveaway, Readings and Links

I promise I will post something of substance soon! But first, if you’re in the UK or Ireland and intrigued by a story of passion, betrayal and World War I, White Feathers, haven’t yet read or bought it, and would like to get your mitts on a copy, O’Brien Press are doing a giveaway with Goodreads, so hop on over!

In the meantime, in this entry “Love in the Time of War”, I blog on the publisher site about writing White Feathers and the inspiration behind it. This blog entry is based on the speech I made on the night of the launch and the core of it is this:

When women are treated as subjects, not citizens, that is violence. When the mentally ill are cast in newspapers and books as weak, worthless, second-class folk, because they break down under intolerable pressure and cannot go on – that is violence. When the old and comfortable condemn the young to struggle with old men’s battles, as they sit by a roaring fire with the finest amontillado – that is violence of generations. When powerful interests work with gloved hands, silencing the truth, muzzling its witnesses, so that the fine feelings of the power élite are not affronted – that is entrenched violence.

Go there to read more!

I will be taking to the boards to read an extract from the book for the Caca Milis Cabaret Old Music Hall Event on Saturday September 13th. For those who were at the launch, I won’t be reading from the same extract, so there’ll be a bit of variety. I love the Caca Milis (there should be an accent on the “a” but my keyboard won’t co-operate with me) as I was there two months ago. It takes place in Arthur’s Pub in Thomas Street, would be delighted to see you there.

Am also VERY pleased to see that White Feathers is back in the Top 10 books for LoveReading. LR did a pre-publication promotion for it – but now, when you see the competition it’s dealing with, from established authors, it’s fending for itself very well since being out and published. (EDIT. It has now been superseded by Fatty O’Leary’s Dinner Party and The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman. Oh well, twas nice while it lasted!) To add to my pleasure, I’ve just discovered that White Feathers is in the bestseller chart for Dubray Books this week. I think, at the risk of promoting my own stuff, it’s a dramatic, wide-ranging narrative and it helped that the characters really made me care for them – I hope the reader feels similarly.

Last, a bit of music for Friday evening. This piece by Palestrina appears in the novel, in a quite emotional scene. I had the privilege of singing it once. Ita desiderat anima mea ad te, Deus.

Some More Photos

Indulge me, indulge me. I found a few more. First, on the link below, there is a lovely shot of Arlene Hunt with me and Michael O’Brien, and another nice one with Maria Dickenson, MD of Dubray Books.

The rest of the pictures were taken by my friend Helena Mulkerns, who very kindly gave me permission to put them here. Helena has a lovely touch behind the camera and there is a warmth to these pictures I really like. And I am shortly to blog about this month’s Caca Milis gig which she runs, so I have an excuse for a segue!

All the following photos copyright Helena Mulkerns:
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