Some More Photos

Indulge me, indulge me. I found a few more. First, on the link below, there is a lovely shot of Arlene Hunt with me and Michael O’Brien, and another nice one with Maria Dickenson, MD of Dubray Books.

The rest of the pictures were taken by my friend Helena Mulkerns, who very kindly gave me permission to put them here. Helena has a lovely touch behind the camera and there is a warmth to these pictures I really like. And I am shortly to blog about this month’s Caca Milis gig which she runs, so I have an excuse for a segue!

All the following photos copyright Helena Mulkerns:

Susan Lanigan – Portrait of the artist


Arlene taking the mike


Signing, signing, signing 🙂


Sue Leonard, Kate Dempsey, Elizabeth Rose Murray, Arlene Hunt


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