Reminder: Reading on Saturday in Arthurs Pub for Caca Milis

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be reading from White Feathers at the Caca Milis Old Music Hall Cabaret in Arthurs Pub on Thomas Street next Saturday at 9pm. It definitely won’t be from the same place as I did on the launch – I think Mrs Humphrey Ward needs a bit of a rest – so I will probably pick either a romantic scene or a battle one. I have a feeling you lot would prefer a bit of battle, but feel free to let me know, there are plenty of scenes to choose from 🙂

I’m a long time Caca Milis supporter, and have been to one of their earlier sessions as a spectator and had a great time. (Helena points out I’ve also read there many times before, but it wasn’t White Feathers tho:)

Also the kind folk at O’Brien Press have provided me with some copies of the book, so they will be for sale on the night.

For more information about either my reading, the night, or the series, check out the Caca Milis homepage.

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