Out and About in Yorkshire!

I was in the north of England last weekend to stay with a friend in York and meet some more friends in Leeds – but of course I could not resist the opportunity to go and make myself known to the lovely booksellers, whom I would like to thank for their charm and kindness at a busy time.

First stop was in Waterstones York, where I went to find the copy there and sign it with a special message. As I did so, I asked the gentleman opposite would he mind taking a picture. Turns out he was only too happy to oblige as he’s a professional photographer! What a piece of luck that was! Martyn Cartledge of aspphotography.net, I apologise for giving you a busman’s holiday and such a rubbish phone to work with! You did good all the same.

2014-11-22 12.12.02

Then after calling into the The Little Apple bookshop, my redoubtable friend took me up to th’moors to Thirsk, a market tourist town which boasts a lovely little bookshop called The White Rose Café and Bookstore. I went and showed them my business cards (why yes, Virginia, I ordered some business cards!) and they were very receptive towards ordering in copies and interested in the book. Thank you Jill and her colleague! And most importantly, We Had Cake.

2014-11-22 15.01.24

Yes, I have become the Person Who Tweets Her Cake. Sorry, but it was rather lovely.

The following day I went to Leeds to continue following the principle of scarcity in economics, and sign the single copy in Waterstones Leeds. And here I must say I was utterly disarmed by the charm and enthusiasm of Saad in Waterstones, who found the book (it wasn’t in the normal fiction section because they wanted to put it up front where it would get attention) and took pictures of my signing it. Here am I writing a special message for whoever might buy it



Seriously, he could not have been lovelier. Somebody give that gentleman a promotion stat 🙂

To everyone I met in bookshops on my trip – thank you very much. I know there is an element of the quixotic signing just one copy, but I had fun 🙂

Until next time…

White Feathers



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