White Feathers Christmas Gift Post

Stuck wondering what to buy your partner, relative, friend or colleague for Christmas? Want to give them a passionate, gripping WWI story that will prove to be a  “page-turner” and “beautifully written” with “three-dimensional characters”? Check out these three tweets as an example of feedback received about White Feathers. Or read more reviews here.


This ambitious debut novel lulls you into a false sense of security; it is at first an intriguing love story, but when the horrors of the First World War take hold, lives and relationships are brutally torn apart. A love story, yes, but also a great deal more. – Dubray Books Christmas Catalogue

Below are the many ways in which White Feathers can be given as a gift this Christmas. I would like to add an offer: if you are based in the Dublin area and are able to come to the city centre, I can arrange to meet you and sign your gift for the recipient. To arrange this, please contact me via the contact form on this site providing me with an email address and/or phone number with which I can get in touch. Please note that this is only valid until December 20th.

OK here is the list!

  • The book is on Dubray Books Christmas Catalogue which can be ordered by emailing the bookshop. Certain books have voucher discounts on them, which can then be offset against the other books on the catalogue.
  • It’s also on the Easons Christmas Catalogue (not with the cover illustrated!) where you can buy 3 books for 2, handy for Christmas presents!
  • On the O’Brien Press website, all books are on sale at a 12 per cent discount until Friday December 12th (a great historical trio would team White Feathers up with Anyush and the IMPAC-nominated The Rising of Bella Casey, just a personal opinion! Younger members might like Finding A Voice)
  • Gift wrapping is of course available when ordering from Amazon UK, but if you are in the US, you also have the option, with the electronic version, to “give as a gift” (not available from the UK or Ireland, which is a pity) so that they can receive the item on their kindle
  • White Feathers is also being promoted on the Lovereading World War One section, with a prize of a DVD World War One in Colour, narrated by Kenneth Branagh.

So there are all the options. Have a great Christmas if you celebrate!

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