A Few Lovely Reviews

Just going to pop in to collate some lovely reviews received for White Feathers

First up, here is a beauty from Margaret at the Bleach House Library blog. I’m delighted to get such a great write-up on this site, as she is a very prominent Irish book blogger and will be including White Feathers on her top 10 books for 2014, which makes me feel very proud!

A little quote:

Written in delicate prose, in the style of the period, the first thing that appealed to me when turning the opening pages, was the fluidity of the words. They slipped across the page, like a satin scarf slipping off the back of a chair. Gliding, without any apparent effort, taking the reader along their journey. This elegance didn’t fade once throughout the novel. Each chapter, each character and each sub-story, all had this unique feel. I felt like I was discovering some forgotten antiques at an old house auction, that could now be appreciated by a lover of stories.

(And yes, I am aware of the irony  🙂 )


This book has a bit of everything. The most powerful thing it does possess; soul. Good, old-fashioned, soul. Beautifully crafted, immaculately researched and lovingly produced. Place this novel on your best piece of furniture, as it deserves to be displayed prominently, and admired regularly.

Awww, I nearly want to cry!

Lisa Redmond, book blogger and seller at Waterstones Drogheda, also had praise for the book, calling it “a wonderful novel of love, war, family and duty and for me…one of the outstanding debuts of the year.” Shortly afterwards I had a very cheerful morning in Waterstones Drogheda with Lisa at the helm and a pile of books and through blunt persistence managed to get every copy of the book sold. Result 🙂

Then a review from the Connaught Telegraph which I attach as a PDF which was generally very favourable to the book also. Thank you Darina Molloy, for the review. I understand Darina is also a county librarian in Mayo and you always want to get the librarians on side 🙂

ConnaughtTelegraph25Nov2014 copy

Thank for your faith and belief, and hopefully this will encourage people to try a copy of their own!


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