To Return to That Daily Mail Article

I’ve had a few responses on twitter and interest about my article in last week’s Daily Mail about being offered a job in 2009 and then abruptly having the offer withdrawn because I failed a psychometric test and was judged too “emotionally unstable” to work there. Something else kept it in my head too – theContinue reading “To Return to That Daily Mail Article”

Speaking out about Stigma – My Article in This Life in the Irish Daily Mail

I have just had a wonderful time at the Author at My Table event, more about which later. But there’s one thing I need to mention really quickly. I wrote an article that got published this weekend in the Daily Mail. The article isn’t important because I wrote it. It’s important because it talks aboutContinue reading “Speaking out about Stigma – My Article in This Life in the Irish Daily Mail”

#BooksAreMyBag Picture – and Proper Deportment

Here am I in Dubray Books Dun Laoghaire buying the latest Jennifer Johnston and posing for the lovely Jo for #BooksAreMyBag. Try not to laugh too hard at the contrast between the quote and the picture 🙂 Eva got used to some aspects of life in The Links, like the mediocre food and the customContinue reading “#BooksAreMyBag Picture – and Proper Deportment”

For Readers Outside Ireland

A few people have asked me about this so: I’ve had a chat with O’Brien Press and they’ve told me I can order as needed so: This is a one-time opportunity for those outside Ireland who have expressed an interested in getting signed copies of the first edition of White Feathers posted to them and whoContinue reading “For Readers Outside Ireland”

White Feathers in the Independent and Sunday Times!

This weekend I took myself off to the wilds of Wicklow with two friends and we hiked the entirety of St Kevin’s Way  from Hollywood to Glendalough, crossing the long spine of the mountains that divide the county at the Wicklow Gap. This was the route St Kevin had reputedly taken 1,400 years earlier and theContinue reading “White Feathers in the Independent and Sunday Times!”

The “Meet My Character” Meme

Henry Gee tagged me for this a while back and I’m getting back to him scandalously late – sorry, Henry! This is the meme where I introduce a character from my most recent work, which would be White Feathers. I’m going to go for Joseph Cronin, native of Kilkeen, Co Tipperary, a minor and, if we’reContinue reading “The “Meet My Character” Meme”

More Signings and a School Reunion

This weekend I was invited by a classmate I’d reconnected with on Twitter to come down to an anniversary celebration school reunion of the past pupils of St Leo’s College, Carlow. I decided, with some trepidation, to say yes. I also knew that it would be a good way to catch up on White FeathersContinue reading “More Signings and a School Reunion”

Reminder: Reading on Saturday in Arthurs Pub for Caca Milis

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be reading from White Feathers at the Caca Milis Old Music Hall Cabaret in Arthurs Pub on Thomas Street next Saturday at 9pm. It definitely won’t be from the same place as I did on the launch – I think Mrs Humphrey Ward needs a bit of aContinue reading “Reminder: Reading on Saturday in Arthurs Pub for Caca Milis”