Goodreads Giveaway, Readings and Links

I promise I will post something of substance soon! But first, if you’re in the UK or Ireland and intrigued by a story of passion, betrayal and World War I, White Feathers, haven’t yet read or bought it, and would like to get your mitts on a copy, O’Brien Press are doing a giveaway withContinue reading “Goodreads Giveaway, Readings and Links”

Launch of White Feathers

Today is the day after the night before. And I am still processing, as one does after a major life event. Last night, in Dubray Bookshop in Grafton St, O’Brien Press gave White Feathers the send-off of a lifetime. To a packed ensemble (I’d been generous with the invitations and there was a great turnout!) MichaelContinue reading “Launch of White Feathers”

In Which It’s All About the Book

As countdown towards publication day approaches, it’s getting increasingly difficult to think about anything else 😉 Yesterday I got a huge box of author copies – regretfully I had not thought to drive to the sorting office, so I huffed and puffed my way back home, which fortunately wasn’t too far away. It’s one wayContinue reading “In Which It’s All About the Book”

A Visit to the War Memorial Gardens

A few days back, when the weather was still exceptionally fine, I took a bus to the Phoenix Park and made a day out of walking along the War Memorial Gardens and the Museum of Modern Art further up the bank of the Liffey River. The War Memorial Gardens in Dublin were designed with perfectContinue reading “A Visit to the War Memorial Gardens”

Today I Got My Copy of the Book

With great excitement I went to the sorting office with my receipt slip to collect a package left for me. Sure enough it was my author copy of White Feathers. There is something about picking up the actual book, and knowing this is it. It feels gorgeous and is so beautifully produced. It looks so likeContinue reading “Today I Got My Copy of the Book”