An evening with me in Letterkenny, Friday 27 Feb

The lovely Maureen Curran from North West Words has helped organise this event on Friday night in Letterkenny, Co Donegal. The venue is the award-winning Cafe Blend and the time is 8pm. I will be giving a reading and responding to questions from the reading groups. I’m really excited at the opportunity to talk about the book with book groups and engage with all the readers. Anyone in the Donegal/Letterkenny area who would like to pop along, booking details are down below. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible. I will also be giving a workshop the following morning in the same venue at 11.

From the Donegal Now website:

North West Words and Cafe Blend are hosting an evening with author of ‘White Feathers,’ Susan Lanigan.

White Feathers was described in Sunday Times Culture as ‘a sweeping and engrossing tale of love, betrayal and death – masterful.’ The book tells the story of Eva Downey who jumps at the chance to attend finishing school, especially as she is about to be forced into marriage by her overbearing parents. At the school she finds kinship and unexpectedly, love. But when war breaks out in 1914 her family are pushing her into giving the man she loves a white feather of cowardice because he refuses to enlist. Eva’s decision will have devastating consequences for her and everyone around her.

White Feathers is available from O’Brien Press and is on sale in bookshops around the country, including Eason in Letterkenny.

The evening with Susan Lanigan will take place in Cafe Blend, High Road Letterkenny on Friday, February 27 from 8.00pm. Booking advised by calling (074) 9177787. More information on this and other upcoming North West Words events can be found on the organisation’s Facebook page at

The Links School – The Real Life Counterpart

Look at this from the Eastbourne Herald archives! This is the real school whose name I used for my fictional school in White Feathers. They published a story about me and the school, which I attach below, and the story of how it came about:

Picture of the Links School, including lawn tennis courts and ladies lounging around. Also article about me!
Picture of the Links School, including lawn tennis courts and ladies lounging around. Also article about me!


People who read this blog will recall that last November I went to south-East England to conduct an interview with BBC Sussex and Surrey and meet Sheila Bugler and her friend Annemarie Field of the Eastbourne Herald. Continue reading “The Links School – The Real Life Counterpart”

White Feathers Shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award

I’ve been sitting on this for well over a month now so it’s great to shout it from the rooftops at last – White Feathers has been shortlisted for the prestigious Romantic Novel of the Year Award.

(This is a scheduled blog post as I won’t have access to post when the news is announced so hopefully those links will have up to date info)

To add to the pleasure for the publisher, fellow O’Brien Press author Kim Hood has also been shortlisted for the YA equivalent. Here is one small Irish publisher punching WAY above its weight 🙂 (not to mention that we also have the same agent, and she is badass)

How am I feeling now? Absolutely delighted – and vindicated, at last. I always said I’d fight for that book, but turns out the book seems to fight for itself pretty well.

A Cracking Review – And Why I Took Some Time off Twitter

taking a break

I’ve been off twitter a few weeks. It was having a not-great effect on my mental health. It’s not people I chat to, you are all wonderful and I miss you! But there are certain things that will always trigger me when discussed. That isn’t all my fault – much of it, I angrily maintain, is Ireland’s – and as Jefferson said, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just. But I go through my life unmedicated – that is not a boast, by the way, and I do NOT deserve any medals for it – and honestly, sometimes it shows, particularly in winter.

I don’t want anti-depressants, useful as they doubtless are. What I really want is light, bright natural light, more and more of it. I want to personally nick the sun and put it in my office and then bring it home with me on a dog’s lead made out of some substance that wouldn’t shrivel and melt at the thousands of degrees Celsius my new travelling companion would possess.

Can you tell I’m writing sci-fi right now? 🙂 I’m almost finished a first draft of a story I should have been working a long time ago. It’s looking quite robust, I’m pleased to say.

Another thing I discovered about Twitter – it can mask writing issues. You can castigate yourself for tweeting too much, not realising that once you’ve removed twitter from the equation, you still aren’t writing anything. Because you’re stuck and are losing motivation and it’s VERY VERY DARK ALL THE TIME.

Here’s a piece of light in a newspaper column – a review of White Feathers by Sile McArdle in the Sunday Independent. It’s a cracker 🙂

And here’s a brief audio interview of me by the lovely Brenda Drumm of Artyfacts, Kildare FM.

And my workshop for Carousel Creates is on Saturday, I think it’s nearly full now, yes? I’m talking about the short story and we’ll be having writing fun in beautiful surrounding up t’mountains – kinda good that I’m writing a short story too, to refresh my brain 🙂

And I’ll be back very soon, probably in a week or so, with more news to announce. But for now, am consolidating. And looking for more light!