Podcast of Romantic Novels Discussion on Sean O’Rourke Show

Yesterday, my dear friends, I was on Irish national radio RTE with novelist Cathy Kelly discussing romantic novels, their readership and critical opinions of same with presenter Keelin Shanley, while discussing our books. We are both passionate people, and let our feelings be known, as you can imagine 🙂 I really enjoyed meeting Cathy Kelly, whose generosity to a newbie in the novelist world really warmed my heart.

Listen to the podcast here

(Listening back, you can tell I was audibly nervous. There’s quite a high listener figure to the show!)

I just learned this morning that the Hennessy Book of Irish Fiction 2005-2015 is out. I got shortlisted three times in that period but didn’t make it on there, alas. Don’t worry, I’m not about to put on a tinfoil hat and start conspiracy theories 🙂 but I might link to a Hennessy-shortlisted story I’m rather proud of as a supplement. And have a read of the rest of the great stories!

3 thoughts on “Podcast of Romantic Novels Discussion on Sean O’Rourke Show

    1. Thanks Tara! I rarely write short stories any more, and when I do it’s almost never straight up literary fiction, almost always genre, but that’s one particular exception to the rule I am proud of.

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