“Rain lashed the glass beside me while I read and read and read” – New Review of White Feathers

A few months ago I put out a review request to the book blogging community. Liz Maguire, who blogs at American Author, was happy to oblige and has done a great write up of her experience reading White Feathers. My favourite paragraph was this one:

I set about reading White Feathers as spring opened the skies in Dublin. In the window seat of my favorite cafe, perched above D’Olier Street with the novel open on my lap, rain lashed the glass beside me while I read and read and read. White Feathers was so intense and addictive that my tea went cold and unnoticed—perhaps the greatest sign of enthralling literature.  I found White Feathers well written and well paced.

Full review here.

What part of that response could not delight the heart 🙂 Liz has also interviewed me for her blog, a post which she will be putting up in the near future and which I’ll link to when it’s up. She also subscribes to a new service called Booktube where people discuss their book choices – it’s like vlogging Goodreads I guess – and she discusses White Feathers some more there. I smiled at the admission that she had neglected life responsibilities reading the book. I guess that’s a good sign as long as they get tended to in good time eventually! (Someone else tweeted to me that they were at a crucial part of the novel and had forgotten to walk the dog. The dog whined and eyeballed until they were duly reminded!)

Worth noting that Liz also reviewed The Rising of Bella Casey shortly after White Feathers and her review can be checked out on her blog right after mine. I was very moved by the tragic symmetry of the novel and tight dramatic integrity of it.

And lastly, after having seen the celebrations of Holy Week in Southern Spain, I’d like to wish you all a happy Easter if you celebrate.

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