“I don’t give a cheese sandwich about the anxiety of influence of Joyce” – Interview with me on American Author

Novels are harder. You can relax a little, every sentence doesn’t need to be investedwith heavy meaning like a raindrop straining to fall off a leaf, but you need to get yourself some project management to plan the thing to the end. You need to undergo a journey with these characters and allow them to get so far under your skin that they’re in your bloodstream.

Along with her earlier review of White Feathers, Liz Maguire at American Author also sent me along a couple of interview questions. (She does a series of interviews with authors and I must say I’m in very illustrious company – check it out!) But anyway, here is her interview with me, where I wax lyrical about the inspiration for writing the novel, my opinion on short stories vs novels (sensitive souls might find my opinions controversial, but I actually love the short story form when it hasn’t turned Moebiusly up its own fundament), express my preference of coffee over tea, and who gets to play which character in the film version of White Feathers.

But of course there will be a film…someday 🙂

Read the whole interview here. And thank you so much for your support, Liz, it is much appreciated. And that long, cool, refreshing glass of Coke does indeed look enticing. I necked down a few when I was south of you in Seville!

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