A Few Announcements

Just a few announcements about up-and-coming events and put out a question for those who might answer it.

First, my story “Ward 7” is appearing in a new anthology To Shape the Dark, edited by Athena Andreadis, the successor to her earlier very successful anthology, The Other Half of the Sky. The theme of the anthology is, to quote from the link, “Protagonists: women scientists, mathematicians or engineers who live in universes where they don’t have to choose between work and family”. The genre is Science Fiction and Fantasy, which might seem like a departure from the usual for me, but I’m fortunate in having had great mentors such as Athena and Henry Gee of Nature, who have encouraged my writing in that area. The story concerns a woman who finds an enhancement that can save lives – but one society is not quite ready for.

Secondly – and this is quite a way off, I know – I have been invited to give a reading for Culture Night on the evening of September 18th in the Stone House bookshop in Kilkenny. I’m really looking forward to it. I know three and a half months is kinda short notice, right? 😉 but might be one to mark in the oul’ diary all the same.

Thirdly, during the Listowel festival I made the acqaintance of a lovely and talented playwright called Sadhbh Moriarty, who has written a play “In Light of Salt Wings They Drew” which has already won an award and been successfully staged. She would now like to have that play published and was asking me for recommendations as she is relatively new to the business. I’m unfortunately unable to help her, but if anyone else might know, please drop a comment here, contact me via the form, or let me know via Twitter, and I can pass all suggestions on to her!

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