Update on Life and Writing

Glendalough Rainbow

Glendalough Upper Lake Photo, 12 July 2015. Follow them on twitter here.

I know I’ve been fairly quiet of late. This is largely work-related, as I’ve been very busy since I just started my new job at the end of May. Also, I have started cycling to work. I have a very beautiful, largely peaceful commute by the sea, and it is a time when I am disconnected from the “always on” mode of the world. It has done wonders for my physical and mental wellbeing but does mean I’m quite tired, as my body adjusts to the extra demand.

I am looking forward to having some uninterrupted writing time the week after next, when I will stay on writing retreat in a lovely guesthouse near Westport. I am really looking forward to concentrating on my second novel.

Also, after experimentation with the snazzy new microphone (and help from the better half) I have plans to issue my long-promised podcast this week, after a lot of positive feedback at open mics at festivals. Working on the format at the moment but should be out this week. I will keep the podcast up on soundcloud for a defined amount of time, then I’ll remove it. I’m open to feedback from others who have done this before if they have any advice. Also, if anyone has any events or ventures they would like me to mention, please get in touch, as I plan on having a brief “literary round-up” at the start of the clip.


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  1. The cycle sounds great, Susan! Up n’ attem! Looking forward to the results of next weeks writing marathon.

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