Up and Coming Appearances

If folk want to update their calendars…

Tonight I will be sneaking in for a very quick reading from White Feathers at the Flying South open mic in Dublin city, featuring act Poetry Divas with Kate Dempsey. Doors at 7pm. Flying South is a mental health positive organisation, so I will try and read from a bit that covers that. Let’s face it, with White Feathers that’s nearly the whole damn book šŸ˜‰

On Friday 11 September I will be giving a reading for Over the Edge in Galway. Many thanks to Kevin Higgins for the kind invitation! Hope to see Galway readers there. Details of the event are here.

On Friday 18 September, Culture Night, I will be giving a reading and Q&A in the Stone House Bookshop in Kilkenny. Am really looking forward, the shop is a lovely venue and a great independent bookshop promoting indigenous fiction.

I also hope to attend the Spoken Word Paris event on Monday 7th September – was last there two years ago and it went very well!

Aaaaand…that’s it for the moment.

Up and Coming Appearances

Men, Women and Books

“Men and women. Women and men. It’ll never work” – so said Erica Jong. Were she writing in these more enlightened times, she would no doubt have added that same-sex combinations would never work either, but that’s a discussion for another day.

It seems that every other week there is a discussion about sexism in literature. Female writers getting better and more instant feedback when using a male pseudonym. Male writers getting more coverage and interviews. Applicants to publishing houses listing their influences as male rather than female. The assertion that while women read men and women, men read only men. All in all, grim news for females, especially in a female-dominated profession!

There is the occasional suggestion that all is not peaches and cream the other way either. Male romance novelists using their initials rather than their names. Angry writers claiming that the entire establishment is so rigged by feminists and the constant exhortations to seek out women writers that disadvantaged male writers are marginalised and shut out.

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Men, Women and Books

#IrishFictionFortnight Giveaway and Discussion


Just a quick heads up that today I feature over at Bleach House Library blog for Margaret Madden’s Irish Fiction Fortnight (there’s a hashtag on Twitter too!) where I discuss my Irish fiction influences – well, some of them anyway, to mention them all would probably be twice the length šŸ™‚

There’s a giveaway too of White Feathers – check it out over here and the other fab entries and giveaways for the Irish Fiction Fortnight feature!

#IrishFictionFortnight Giveaway and Discussion

Considering the Burial ground – Tuam Babies

This calls for reblogging. It is a matter of national shame that powerful elements of the press are so embedded with vested interests that they have attempted to shut down this shocking story of how we treated our infants in the past, while PR shills claim that truth-tellers are “losing the run of themselves”.

I write from a place of emotional violence. The emotional violence is born from how we suppress ourselves and our past in the face of raw power.

Kettle on the Range

Whenever I visit my parents in my homeplace near Tuam, I catch up with Mamā€™s ongoing work to research the Tuam Mother and Baby Home.Ā Iā€™ve seen the multiple and variedĀ representations of the burial groundĀ that have been publishedĀ in the media over the past year, and here I try to outline what I know of the ground myself.

The site today alongside 1905/6 OS map revision The site today alongside 1905/6 OS map revision

Above ground, there seems to beĀ little evidence as to what lies beneath. If you visit the site ā€“ and you should, to get a sense of it alongside the maps and images here ā€“ youā€™ll find a walled-off corner of the open space at the back of houses in the residential estate, built here after the Home was demolished. It has two gates leading into it. Galway County Council put the wall and the little gates there, knowing what the space was, but nothing else.

At the Burial Ground Atā€¦

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Considering the Burial ground – Tuam Babies