“A Fascinating and Well-Drawn Character” – New Review of White Feathers by Liz Loves Books

I was delighted when book blogger Liz Wilkins agreed to read and review White Feathers for me, especially since historical fiction is not her usual metier. Liz’s reviews are popular and highly regarded on Amazon and Goodreads, so many thanks to her.

The full review is available on Liz Loves Books but because that page is regularly updated, I will link to the Goodreads version too. Here is an excerpt:

Eva is a fascinating and well drawn character, her terrible choices stark and unrelenting, the knock on effects of which will be long reaching…the sense you get of an independently minded woman back in the age when women were not allowed to be such things is really well done and kept me turning the pages. A really beautifully written story that encompasses […] the challenges and problems women faced in what was already a difficult and traumatic period in history.

Thanks so much for that Liz and I am delighted you enjoyed it!