Update – Other Writers’ Group today

I’ve had the pleasure of reading at an open mic event at Spoken Word Paris in September 2013. During that wonderful, balmy summer I signed the publication agreement for White Feathers in the Les Editeurs cafe in Odeon, just the day after I gave that reading in a hot, packed basement of a bar near Place de la Republique. I’ve also taken part in their workshop, which usually takes place in Shakespeare & Co bookshop.

It’s typical of the gutsiness of the Spoken Word Paris community that they are continuing the writing workshop today in their beautiful city. I hope it provides a space for expression and healing. For those who would like to take part in Bruce’s workshops or perform a reading at their open mics, now would be an excellent time. Bon courage!

SpokenWord Paris

Update to time & place.

Other Writers’ Group today 6.30pm-8.30pm.
Meet in front of Shakespeare & Co.

We’re still going to have a writer’s workshop for anyone who needs to come together, talk or reach out in a time of hardship.
Shakespeare & Co have closed for the day. So w
e’ll meet in front of the shop at the normal time 6.30pm and go from there. 37 rue de la Bucherie opposite Notre Dame.

Contact (if you can’t find us): David 06 26 90 13 26


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