White Feathers – Win a Signed Copy and Christmas Promo!

Thinking of the perfect gift for someone special? Why not an epic tale of passion, betrayal and war, short-listed for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award? Beautifully presented, this is a gift to be truly enjoyed. And GIVEAWAY – everyone who comments / likes / shares this FB post before midnight Friday 11th can win a signed and personalised copy!

White Feathers


1914: The outbreak of WWI. A young girl’s family are trying to force her to give a white feather of cowardice to the man she loves, because he refuses to enlist. Her choice will have devastating consequences.







“Written in delicate prose, in the style of the period, the first thing that appealed to me when turning the opening pages, was the fluidity of the words. They slipped across the page, like a satin scarf slipping off the back of a chair. Gliding, without any apparent effort, taking the reader along their journey. This elegance didn’t fade once throughout the novel. Each chapter, each character and each sub-story, all had this unique feel. I felt like I was discovering some forgotten antiques at an old house auction, that could now be appreciated by a lover of stories.”

BleachHouseLibrary book blog review

“rain lashed the glass beside me while I read and read and read. White Feathers was so intense and addictive that my tea went cold and unnoticed.”

-American Author book blog



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