Easter – Return to Social Media

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Part of the South Leinster Way going through Inistioge

Forty Days in the Desert

From Ash Wednesday to today, I chose to abstain from social media to mark Lent. (With a four-day interruption caused by the Arch-Tempter Himself, Mr Amazon) This was because I wanted to live more meaningfully and in the moment. I wanted to force myself to live an undocumented life and be less reactive on places like twitter. It was also an attempt to return to the spiritual framework that had informed much of my childhood. I also threw over Goodreads, as there is an addictive quality to that site as well, as well as taking twitter off my phone.

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Easter – Return to Social Media

White Feathers Available on Kindle UK for £1


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(In euros that is €1.30 – half the price of a cappuccino in Cafe Nero down the docks.)

I’m very excited to see White Feathers available at such a massive discount on Amazon UK and do hope that will encourage anyone who adores sweeping, epic narrative and seeks stories of passion, history and war to have a look!

Did I mention it was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award 2015? Well, I’ll mention it again 🙂

Here are lots of people who are not me saying it’s a compelling read.

Eva Downey jumps at the chance to attend finishing school, especially as she is about to be pushed into marriage by her overbearing stepmother. At the school she finds kinship, and, unexpectedly, love. But when war breaks out in 1914, her family are pushing her into giving the man she loves a white feather of cowardice, because he refuses to enlist. Eva’s decision will have devastating consequences for her – and everyone around her.What do you do when forced to make an impossible choice?

White Feathers Available on Kindle UK for £1