Thanks Australia and NZ: White Feathers Ranking High

I’m not sure how I stumbled on this but I noticed that White Feathers is currently ranking very highly in the Kindle Historical Fiction section on Amazon Australia, coming in at 140. I suspect it’s because the digital list price has been reduced by AUS$11 🙂


Kindle AU WF

But…it’s also worth reflecting that in WWI the Australians and New Zealanders sent out more fighting men as a percentage of their forces than any other nation of the then Empire – and lost huge numbers of them in fruitless, almost spitefully stupid campaigns and that anger about the war remains and is felt strongly around Anzac day. White Feathers does not shy away from unabashed anger in places and perhaps that is something that strikes a chord.

Whatever the reason, I’m very grateful for the interest, and many thanks to Australian and NZ readers. I hope the story moves you, and do feel free to drop a comment here if you wish.

2 thoughts on “Thanks Australia and NZ: White Feathers Ranking High

    1. Thanks Tanya! I believe publishers have an agent in the US, who hopefully might see this as a good sign. It’s not available on Amazon US as yet, tho the deals on UK and now AUS seem to have got a very good response. Admittedly I tweeted a lot about the UK one, but I never said a word about this one because I only found out by chance today!

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