A Quick Note for Goodreads Folk

Tomorrow I hope to blog about the wonderful time I had at the Wexford Literary Festival. But tonight I want to make a quick note about an utter stuff-up I just made on Goodreads while browsing with my Kindle.

There is some bug in Kindle Fire that makes the keypad jump around and type nonsense. While I navigated to my author dashboard and scrolled down (I love to see if new users are showing interest in the book) the keypad inappropriately hovered and selected “flag review”. I don’t know which one, but since I’ve no objection to any reviews on Goodreads and wouldn’t object even if they said my entire literary repertoire didn’t amount to a pile of snot, this flagging was totally in error and against my will.

I tapped to go “back” the minute the “reason for flagging” screen came up – but if any poor innocuous reviewer gets a message saying their review of White Feathers has been flagged, blame that steaming pile of [expletive deleted] Kindle Fire. I’m in cold sweats thinking about it.

I’ve messaged Goodreads and told them what’s wrong in case something did go through. And not to flag anything whatsoever because that’s not how I roll. Jeez 😦

PS. As for authors reading GR – We’re all at it, or else we’re lying.


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