On Being An Opinionated Novelist


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I’ve often wondered how appropriate it is for a writer to share opinions on issues unrelated to their work. Particularly ones of a political nature. Specifically I wonder if I share too readily and express my opinion too often. Recent crises, particularly Brexit but not limited to that sequence of events, have brought this thought to my mind.

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On Being An Opinionated Novelist


Elizabeth Murray has come up with this Twitter hashtag as a way of checking in with other authors working on first drafts. I have some time at the moment to work away on my own first draft so am making use of the hashtag on Twitter. I will try to blog bits about it, but this is just a general call to join in the fun! There are several of us working away already and everyone is welcome. I’m working from home and in the library.

My current wordcount is 13k, I started sometime in June but was derailed when I got sick. Thankfully have made a full recovery and will keep powering on! Join in, the more the merrier.


Writing Workshop DLR Lexicon 20 August


Greetings all,

Have you got a desire to write and want to take it further?

Interested in a one-day writing course run by a novelist and short story writer shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year and the Hennessy New Irish Writing Award?

If so I will be running an intensive writing workshop in DLR Lexicon in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin (link includes map) on Saturday 20 August in one of their beautiful meeting rooms with sea views. The workshop will run from 11.30 to 5 with a break for lunch at 1.30-2pm. Price is €80 per person. Max 16 participants.

If you are interested in taking part, feel free either to contact me via the form, or message me via social media (Twitter and Facebook links above)

This workshop is suitable for all people with a serious interest in writing prose (short or long) and seeking either to begin or improve their craft. Participants are welcome to bring work for one on one purposes or forward in advance. In a supportive environment, the workshop will focus on

  • Developing narrative technique and a dramatic arc
  • Freeing up the “writing muscle” and developing writing confidence
  • Getting comfortable with the five pillars of prose: narrative, description, dialogue, character, “volume control”
  • Having fun!

As a working novelist, I share what I have learned in my own experience. To check out more about my writing experience, a bio is available here and you can check out testimonies and reviews on the main page.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Writing Workshop DLR Lexicon 20 August