You are Lovely People

The other evening I was feeling a bit bogged down and tired and disillusioned. I’m in the middle of writing and it takes so long to get something finished to anything like a satisfactory standard…the usual feeling of anyone in the middle of a lot of projects. So I tweeted for a bit of emotional Gatorade:



And oh guys, you were fantastic. You gave me such encouragement. Telling me White Feathers was a wonderful read; that it was the best WWI novel you had ever read (that is a serious honour – thank you!); that you wanted to read more to make sure “the strong characters got justice” (reminding me why I write and what it’s all for) and, from newer followers, that my tweets are entertaining!

I can’t tell you how much it all meant and it helped during a difficult writing session when I thought I’d never move forward and get a chapter finished. Sometimes looking back over my book’s journey, though it’s holding its own, I get a bittersweet feeling. But then to know it’s loved and read, and that my work is believed in, and I DO have a tribe – why that puts the iron right back into my blood. (That turned out to be quite literally the problem!)

I hope I can do the same for someone myself soon. For now, I will keep going 🙂



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