Trying to Cause Nature Less Harm – 2

Well quick update as per my last post. I bought the Soda Stream as per advice from Headstuff as part of the War on Plastic. It was like time travelling back to my childhood. It’s handy in that you don’t need to plug it in anywhere and five good presses of the button and you have fizzy water. If it’s tap water there will be an aftertaste but you can avoid that by getting a filter for your water if you so wish. Unfortunately I ruined my lo-plastic ideal by inadvertently purchasing a bottle of dilute fruit cordial. Ok, it’s LESS plastic but still not ideal.

Also I will not have buy-in from all members of the household until I find a diet coke flavour 🙂

Next on the list: check out the local farmer’s market for purchasing vegetables and look into using shower gels and cleaning products that do not use plastic e.g. Lush. Also I think there is a new milkman service. We live in an apartment so not sure if that will work but checking it out.


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