So now it has been confirmed – the bodies of children who died in the Mother and Baby Home in Tuam were interned en masse, their graves unmarked, in a tank that would have been full of excrement.

This is the quote from the Mother and Baby Homes Commission’s webpage

[…]significant quantities of human remains have been discovered in at least 17 of the 20 underground chambers which were examined. A small number of remains were recovered for the purpose of analysis. These remains involved a number of individuals with age-at-death ranges from approximately 35 foetal weeks to 2-3 years. Radiocarbon dating of the samples recovered suggest that the remains date from the timeframe relevant to the operation of the Mother and Baby Home[…] 

Questions will be asked about both the manner of these children’s interment and the sheer number who died, when they were so very little. Questions will be asked about the treatment of these children by people who are deceased, and people who are still alive. People who being alive are subject to earthly justice. Questions about where else in the country these practices have been common. When survivors talk about 6,000 children dying like this, we are no longer talking about unfortunate events.

We are talking about a holocaust.

This shame, this horror, would have continued unremarked upon were it not for the patient, determined and scholarly work of Catherine Corless. She is the kind of historian who makes it clear why historians are needed. Her integrity is a shining light in a horrible, horrible saga. I am also impressed by the continual and meticulous work done by Izzy Kamikaze, who studied those maps and like a dog with a bone refused to give up, working steadily and not keeping the pressure off for a moment.

And for those who have lied, who have prevaricated, who have ridiculed, who have covered up, minimised this dreadful horror – and mocked and sniggered at those who brought it to light, this mass dying of tiny children from starvation, wasting and sickness – I will not honour you by naming you. God has surely put a mark on you, as he did on Cain. You cannot be in society any more, but I don’t care what happens to you otherwise.

These were tiny, helpless babies and small children.

I have no more words.


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