Trying to Cause Nature Less Harm – 3

I’m afraid I’m really failing in this endeavour and this blogpost is merely to keep me honest about that failure. The weekly shop is the seemingly insurmountable enemy. Perishables come in plastic boxes that take up huge volume in the rubbish (Our bin is not separated, hence am concentrating on reduce and re-use.) My hopes of attracting bees to superpollinator plants have fallen foul of the difficulty of cultivating such plants outside right into marine air. I’ve even slipped back with the fizzy drinks, rather than pursuing the option of getting diet coke style flavours for the soda stream, which would bring all the household on board with using it.

We have phased out the plastic milk cartons, which is good (though the cardboard replacements have Tetra Pak) but I really want to see a reduction in the throughput of rubbish, especially when most of it is wildlife-killing plastic.

I have followed the Cork Greens facebook page and I have made improvements in other domestic areas. But it’s really not enough. I need to push through with the philosophy of going to the butcher counter for meat so it’s not wrapped in plastic, getting plants outside, and continuing the conscious decision not to buy plastic bottles when eating out.

It’s easy to despair and reckon my actions will make no difference anyway; pitiable as they are, they’re still not followed by lots of other people and so are useless. Not to mention the behaviour of farmers setting fires and burning wildlife alive, without punishment or penalty. But the feeling of powerlessness at this world of excess isn’t good either. For my own mental health I need to continue to engage, even if it is only to self-chastise at my ongoing failure to help nature at all.

Trying to Cause Nature Less Harm – 3

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