Where I Have Been, and What I’ve Been Doing

(for anyone who is interested.)

A few people might be occasionally wondering, “whatever happened to Susan Lanigan? She wrote that book way back in 2014, then ranted a lot on twitter about stuff and then…nothing. Must have given up on the writing.” They might, if they are charitable, add, “Good read, that book. Pity she never followed it up. Oh well. What’s that orange fool been blathering about now?…Oh good jesus…”

I haven’t given up on writing. I’ve done a good lot of it, part of it being to (1) a novel which required a lot of revisions. This novel, set very tangentially in the White Feathers universe but many decades later (and on t’other side) took a long time to do because I had a full-time job at the time. Then I needed to revise it quite radically and found I no longer had sustained, committed time to do so. It remains a bit half-dressed.

I wrote another one, (2) in a different time period and YA genre. I wrote it very quickly, though revising took longer. Professionals in the business liked it very much. But in the end it didn’t manage to close a deal unfortunately. If anyone is interested in acquiring a title about two schoolfriends in 1980s Ireland who stumble on a nasty secret about their school but come up against sneers, antagonism and stonewalling from the organs of power in Ireland at the time, feel free to contact my agent. ☺

So my current WIP (3) is now in second draft. I wanted with all my heart to be finished that draft by end of January but it wasn’t to be. I am still really in the meat of it at the moment. It is set immediately after White Feathers, during and after the war, and is the story of another character who has her own ghosts to chase…or should that be duppies? 😉 I have no agreement or contract but that does not deter me as for most of the time writing White Feathers I had none either.

I’ve also in a small way tried to get involved in local activism and even politics and that is taking up a bit of time. I don’t think this will surprise anyone who has been reading my posts and seen my growing acute anxiety about environmental matters. I’ve also written a short story for Christmas but could be read any time. It’s on the blog post before this one. Americans in particular might like it!

I’m aware that all this means nothing without the finished work. I hope and believe you have not heard the last from me.



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