This is Why We Don’t Ask Novelists About Politics

Re: This sniggering article by Patrick McCabe comparing our struggle to better women’s bodily autonomy, health and life by removing the 8th Amendment to Brexit, Trump et. al.

Patrick McCabe, if you are reading this, be aware that you do NOT represent the majority of novelists in Ireland. You speak for yourself alone. You are happy to play jesuitical headgames with women’s lives just to prove yourself right on a bet and say “teehee”. You insult the many, many grassroots campaigns for Together4Yes that have sprung up all over Ireland. In urbibus et in rure.

Declare yourself anti-choice if you must. There is an integrity to owning your principles and saying “this is where I stand.” (Principles I emphatically do not share.) But do NOT try and recuse yourself from such declarations by undermining a campaign and insulting rural citizens by comparing them to far-right agitators. The women who died of diseases because the 8th Amendment forbade them treatment while pregnant were not part of any “elite”, and that’s just for starters. This kind of talk is disgraceful, and you know it.

What adds injury to an already injurious insult is that this appears to be part of the publicity package to promote your latest novel. You could not have made a worse move. I really hope this article was just an error of judgement and you were not thinking through what you were saying. Because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

You are a figure many might look up to, but as a novelist myself I am deeply disappointed in you right now.

#Novelists4Choice #Novelists4Yes #Authors4Yes



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