Lucia’s War – One Month On

So the book has been out a month now – published, launched and announced – and it’s been an interesting contrast with the last time! In the meantime, Ireland has gained a new government, and of course the covid-19 epidemic has inevitably shaped this publication story, just as its 1918 counterpart affected the book’s storyline.

Also the nature of publishing something independently mean all the work is down to you. Sales and recognition are not going to come to you like you’re a pearl-pale waif with a work of wistful plotlessness and a six-figure advance – you have to go out and work hard for them!


Life has inevitably got in the way of this – I’m pretty poor on time and mental energy right now – but I’m proud to say that Lucia has managed to win its share of praise. I have inserted a few of the reviews on the landing page but more keep coming in. I’m so grateful to the reviewers who have taken the time to put words to the page about Lucia’s War.


Also the amazing ladies at Chick Lit 4 Life have done an entire episode on the book! To say I’m touched and delighted would be the understatement of the century. (There are also tangents on the Korean pop group BlackPink and a lovely reading of Warsan Shire.) It’s a very clever and artful podcast, and extremely funny. I would also recommend listening to the Mansfield Park episode and the other Austen ones (“Mr Collins cruising for b*tches!”) the link is above.


Later this month, will be doing a promotion with the book, so keep an eye out for that.

And with that, stay well everyone, and while a bombazine cloak and veil will not be necessary, a mask when indoors in public places would be an excellent idea 🙂

Curiosity piqued? Click here

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