Fiction at the Friary – Live Reading from White Feathers

If anyone fancies listening to a great range of Irish writers, look no further than the Fiction at the Friary podcast, which Danielle McLaughlin and Madeleine d’Arcy have compiled, with thanks also to JP and Kieran for production work.

I’m on Episode 9, which also features Eimear Ryan (whose debut novel is out next year!) and Andrea Carter. I have been a featured FATF author before and do you know what, I’m not a pub person but if there’s one thing I miss from pre-corona days, it’s the monthly gathering with the marshmallows and Hula Hoops and the glass of white served by Mike at the bar. It’s been a wonderful little space in the heart of Cork.

To listen to my extract, the link is below and I’m about halfway through. The extract I chose was in the middle of the book where Sybil is sent with Roma to the front line and they surrender to their attraction to each other in the front seat of a pigeon van with shells exploding all around them…

(I confess I was rushing a bit, because of the strict time limit, and might have muffled a few words, apologies!)

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