And Save Me From Bloody Terfs…

Quickly, because while I would like to discuss in greater depth, I have an actual real life job I need to attend to:

The Trans Writers Union have requested that people join them in complaining about a review Emily Hourican posted in yesterday’s independent of a book called Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier. Details can be read on the thread, but after reading the review I would (relatively gently) suggest that Emily Hourican has taken an insufficiently critical approach on what is widely known to be a deeply incendiary argument, based on many theories now discounted – and which also has, since 2019, been stoked by the rage of radicalised online TERFS (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.) Given that trans people are very frightened and unsupported these days, I’d really love for an opportunity to revisit this topic to take their very valid concerns into account. This is not a denunciation by any means. Good people can make mistakes.

I’ve locked my account because I detected the beginnings of a TERF swarm against me, and I honestly don’t have time for that today. It’s why I don’t plan to make my complaint/request right away either, since both Emily and her senior editor at the Independent will probably now be swarmed with TERF “support”. (They have my sincere sympathies!) Critic Barry Pierce is already having to deal with them.

I would ask all Irish authors and critics of good spirit to find a way to express solidarity with the Trans Writers Union and their genuine concerns. Trans people have had a bit of a rough time recently and the depth of the sentiment raised against them has been alarming. If mentioning is not a comfortable option, I know a like, follow, or DM would mean a lot. They are under siege, and truly don’t deserve it.

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