Massive Valentine’s Day Goodies!

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I have several promotions on right now, so if you like intense, romantic, historical sagas – either for your beloved or for yourself. (And self-love attends us first and leaves us last. So said Jonathan Swift.)

Unfortunate Stars: as already mentioned, on Valentine’s Day this Sunday, the audiobook for Unfortunate Stars will be released. Once it’s live I will have a link to the Authors Direct site. But it can also be pre-ordered on Google Play, Bingebooks and It’s just over an hour long, and only 3.55 euro, so cheaper than most audiobooks. And so wonderfully narrated by Greg Patmore, who brought such life to the characters.

Recommended if you like: gay romance, age-gap, male friendship, battlefield confessions

White Feathers: In one of life’s pleasing coincidences, my publishers independently of me have White Feathers paperback on a 10 per cent discount if ordered from their website. And in another pleasing coincidence, over on Jeff’s naughty place, the Kindle price has dropped down to £1.99 sterling.

Recommended if you like: straight romance, lesbian romance, age-gap, slow-burning chemistry, resistance to government-sponsored hysteria, wartime, literature

Lucia’s War: And finally, mindful of the fact that it is Black History Month in the US, the Kindle edition of Lucia’s War will be available for free all day Saturday and Sunday!

Recommended if you like: Opera, drama, hero(ine)’s journey, WWI and Bridgerton 🙂

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