Launch of White Feathers

Seven years ago today.

If I’d known what was to come…I still would have changed nothing.

Thanks to all who’ve supported my work all this time.

Susan Lanigan - WWI Historical Fiction

Susan Lanigan, Launch of White Feathers, 27/8/2014 Susan Lanigan, Launch of White Feathers, 27/8/2014

Today is the day after the night before. And I am still processing, as one does after a major life event.

Last night, in Dubray Bookshop in Grafton St, O’Brien Press gave White Feathers the send-off of a lifetime. To a packed ensemble (I’d been generous with the invitations and there was a great turnout!) Michael O’Brien, founder, gave a rousing speech where he pledged his support for the novel and expressed his belief in me as a writer. It’s a great feeling to have the support and interest from one’s publisher and the speech filled me with good cheer.

Then Arlene Hunt, crime novelist and Novel Fair judge, was the guest speaker. She hit the ball out the park – i.e. was magnificent. She talked about reading the initial partial when adjudicating the Novel Fair, then going to bed, then picking it…

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