Could You All Do Me a Favour?

Embedded clip of Chick Lit 4 Life podcast show

If you are reading this post and are a fan of great books written by women, Irish and otherwise, could you please hit the subscribe button for the Chick Lit 4 Life podcast, hosted by the wonderful LC Lewis?

LC founded this podcast a few years and without any external support, grants from the Arts Council, mainstream media exposure or even a Patreon, she has mustered the power of The Girls – six late teenage readers – to deliver their decisive and hilarious opinions on everyone from Jane Austen to Marian Keyes and even yours truly somewhere in the middle. This all in spite of a demanding job and pesky mental health issues. It’s done for pure love. It’s joyous but surely exhausting work and I want this wonderful show to get the fair wind it deserves. So please, like, share, subscribe and boost – and if you’re in the media and want to check it out, I’d particularly encourage that!

Five college girls get together to discuss books that are not by men.
Series 1: Marian Keyes
Series 2: Jane Austen
Series 3: Unusual Protagonists
Series 4: Authors of Colour
Series 5: LGBTQ+ Authors
Series 6: People we Love Loads 🙂
Written and recorded by LC Lewis in her bedroom.

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