White Feathers Bookshop Open!

I received a mail from my publisher last week letting me know that the paperback of White Feathers would shortly be out of print. I was asked it I wanted any of the remaining stock and I requested all 103 remaining copies. With the 10 I already had, that leaves me with 112 copies of the novel.

White Feathers may be out of print, but when it comes to events happening right now, it is by no means out of date. I believe its message of resistance against institutional warmongering and hysteria remains as relevant as ever.

(Also there are a lot of boxes in a relatively small space and I need to get the orders flowing to get them out of here!)

So, I have set up a little online shop to sell the remaining copies of the book for 5 euro each, excluding shipping costs, signed by yours truly. If you would like to buy a copy, please click the menu option “Shop” at the top right of the screen, or the icon of the book above the text. If you can think of a good organisation to donate copies to (it is already in libraries) drop me a message on the contact form and let me know. Likewise if any issues with ordering. Shipping to Ireland, UK, US, Europe and Australia.


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