Performance of The Defamation Suit

Above is a caption-enabled Instagram Live performance of my story “The Defamation Suit”. It starts about three minutes in where I stand up.

The story is inspired by countering SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) and widespread abuse of the laws by bad actors who use legal letters to wedge themselves into untouchable positions of power and force vulnerable artists and activists to take out loans to swell their coffers. I have been campaigning about this since 2011. This is a work of rage and redemption.

I took the risk of recording without sponsorship or name-recognition from any arts organisation, knowing that many people might not listen, because if I wait for audience and attention, I would never get it done. This is art to move the needle, and I’m very proud of my performance (plus a bit of bald rage near the end!)

I cannot perform in open mics and events because of the risk of low immunity and catching bugs when my body is processing large amounts of industrial toxins last used in World War I and I’m injecting myself with substances to stimulate my bone marrow into making up white blood cells. So this is a quick, easy way to communicate my art to show solidarity with all those in the arts and wider Irish polity who have been hurt by defamation abuse.


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