PSA: Listowel Writers Week Competitions – Avoid For Now

I follow Listowel Writers Week. It is a very popular annual literary event in Ireland that attracts international attention and very good prizes. There has been some tension between the voluntary body and the Arts Council which has resulted in a new curator coming on board. That isn’t what I wish to highlight, though. OneContinue reading “PSA: Listowel Writers Week Competitions – Avoid For Now”

“I Thought There was Honour in Battle – I Was Wrong” – Reginald’s Story

Image: British West India Regiment troops in France, 1916. Photograph copyright Imperial War Museum Today in 1918, Black infantrymen and NCOs in the British West India Regiment mutinied against their white commanding officers. These were men who had enlisted for the First World War – the war effort was a popular cause among all racesContinue reading ““I Thought There was Honour in Battle – I Was Wrong” – Reginald’s Story”

“I Want You To Leave My House”

Last night I had a dream where a very long-time-ago boyfriend appeared to occupy my life and home. Not only that, he was inviting his long-time ex-girlfriend, whom he had idolised at length in front of me, to come to the house as well. In the dream, I said to him, “I don’t want herContinue reading ““I Want You To Leave My House””

Unfortunate Stars – Blog Tour

Between August 15 and 25, I had an audiobook blog tour organised by Kelly Lacey from Love Books Tours. This idea was inspired by the earlier review of Unfortunate Stars on Audiobookish podcast – huge thanks again to Fahed Rahman for featuring it on the pod – he and Poppy provided such an inspiring andContinue reading “Unfortunate Stars – Blog Tour”

Michael O’Brien

I have just learned of the passing of Michael O’Brien, founder and director of O’Brien Press, who was a cheerleader for White Feathers from the very start, ever since the Novel Fair in 2013. He was also married to my wonderful then-agent, Svetlana Pironko (you should have seen the back-and-forth on that publishing agreement :))Continue reading “Michael O’Brien”

My Letter to the Independent on Trans Coverage

I recently wrote a letter of complaint to the Irish Independent about an article they published about rehashed and refuted transphobic hate. They kindly published it in their Sunday edition and I’m grateful to the editor for that. It got quite a bit of traction. I got some pushback including messages sent to my websiteContinue reading “My Letter to the Independent on Trans Coverage”

Lost Launches – featuring Lucia’s War

Hello folks, my long-time friends Fiction at the Friary along with Cork City Libraries are running an event called Lost Launches at St Peter’s Arts Centre, North Main Street, Cork at 3pm tomorrow 24 April. I’ll be present with several other authors who launched during the pandemic and an actor will read out excerpts fromContinue reading “Lost Launches – featuring Lucia’s War”