Lucia’s War: Paperback now available on Amazon

I’m pleased to say that Lucia’s War is now available to purchase on Amazon as a paperback. To be honest if in Ireland it’s not much of a difference in cost if you order from the booksellers mentioned on the dedicated page for Lucia’s War. This is because they do great deals with postage andContinue reading “Lucia’s War: Paperback now available on Amazon”

“Im a Did Go Twis’ Up ina Im Head” – thoughts on #WorldMentalHealthDay

During the writing of Lucia’s War, I have a scene where Lucia, reunited with her brother, Reginald, is attempting to dissuade him from taking part in a mutiny at his barracks. Reginald, furiously resenting his English commanding officer, longs to withhold a salute from him. This alarms Lucia, who knows all too well what theContinue reading ““Im a Did Go Twis’ Up ina Im Head” – thoughts on #WorldMentalHealthDay”

#BlackHistoryMonth – Kindle Promotion

From Thursday and throughout October, it is Black History Month in Europe. As well as being a tale of war, passion and motherhood, Lucia’s War refers to a lot of events and personalities who form part of Black British (and Caribbean) history during the WWI period. The book refers to the Coterie of Friends, anContinue reading “#BlackHistoryMonth – Kindle Promotion”

Lucia’s War – A Statement of Intent

Hello everyone! The paperback edition of Lucia’s War continues to pop up in bookshops around Ireland, slowly but steadily. It’s showing its face in my local gift shop in Cobh, Tertulia Books in Westport, and it will be popping up in Gutter Dalkey tomorrow. I’m confining it to bookshops at present to make it easierContinue reading “Lucia’s War – A Statement of Intent”

Lucia’s War – Unboxing the Paperback!

I am delighted to present the paperback edition of Lucia’s War at long last. Many thanks to Richie at More Visual for the wonderful design and overall I’m pleased with the print job Lulu have done for the price paid. Because I am a complete nerd, I made…an unboxing video. I will add some picsContinue reading “Lucia’s War – Unboxing the Paperback!”

Lucia’s War – One Month On

So the book has been out a month now – published, launched and announced – and it’s been an interesting contrast with the last time! In the meantime, Ireland has gained a new government, and of course the covid-19 epidemic has inevitably shaped this publication story, just as its 1918 counterpart affected the book’s storyline.Continue reading “Lucia’s War – One Month On”

Lucia’s War – New Live Date June 5

Hello all, just an FYI that Lucia’s War launch will now be on Friday 5th June, not Monday 1st June, to give time to get proofs uploaded. Those who have pre-ordered a copy will be notified. A virtual launch will take place on Friday evening GMT, details to be confirmed. Thanks for your patience. TheContinue reading “Lucia’s War – New Live Date June 5”

“A Symphony as Beautiful as It Is Violent” – Lucia’s War ARC Review

I’m proud to announce that Lucia’s War has won a Recommended Read Award from the Coffee Pot Book Club, along with a first review I could only dream of. I had to blog this as soon as I could, so elated I was after reading it. A month or two ago, as an independent authorContinue reading ““A Symphony as Beautiful as It Is Violent” – Lucia’s War ARC Review”

Lucia’s War – Pre-Order Available

Delighted to announce that pre-orders are now available for Lucia’s War in e-book format. I’ve been working hard on this – and work continues to be done! – so it’s a delight to make this announcement. Pre-order here for Amazon UK Pre-order here for Amazon US Also viewable on Goodreads if you would like toContinue reading “Lucia’s War – Pre-Order Available”