White Feathers available on Audible

Pleased to announce that White Feathers is out on Audible today Click the picture below to listen to a sample! Or go here to listen / purchase on Amazon. Also to be published on Borrowbox for those who have the app. 2019 will be special – more will be happening throughout the year – butContinue reading “White Feathers available on Audible”

Review of The Watermelon Boys by Ruqaya Izzidien

Published in paperback by Hoopoe Fiction, August 2018 The recent shenanigans over red paint being thrown over a war memorial soldier made out of scraps of tin in St Stephen’s Green, Dublin, highlight how much pearl-clutching is still happening over memorialising WWI. To my mind, it’s unedifying to wring one’s hands over paint on aContinue reading “Review of The Watermelon Boys by Ruqaya Izzidien”

#WhyImVotingYes – Writing A Woman’s Choice

In Ireland, we are due to vote on Friday on whether to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution. This piece of text was introduced in 1983 by secretive, right-wing, Catholic pressure groups who exerted all the leverage they could on the government and the people in an attempt to copperfasten the Constitution against anyContinue reading “#WhyImVotingYes – Writing A Woman’s Choice”

This One Didn’t Make It Into the Stinging Fly Anthology

 I do not generally consider myself a blind man, rather one with full sensory function who is hampered by living in an invisible universe which keeps banging into him and reminding him of its irritating reality as he goes about his day to day life. – “Sight Reading” I just learned – through the time honouredContinue reading “This One Didn’t Make It Into the Stinging Fly Anthology”

Armistice Day, 2016

Since White Feathers came out, I have posted an armistice day post every year. Over the years, the ceremonies to commemorate the dead of the wretched First World War and its successors have become marked and tainted by nativism and rage. The poppy which graces the cover of my novel was originally the symbol ofContinue reading “Armistice Day, 2016”