Books Featuring My Work

My short stories have featured in a few periodicals and anthologies.

To Shape the Dark, Andreadis ed. (Candlemark and Gleam, 2016)

“Andreadis’s extraordinary follow-up to The Other Half of the Sky dazzles with 15 SF stories about respected and daring women scientists in their fields. Celebrating scientific discovery, the imaginative stories feature diverse cultures, intriguing settings, and intelligent plots. /…/ This collection will remind readers why they love science fiction as it celebrates scientists and science in deeply meaningful stories full of well-realized characters.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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Red Lamp Black Piano – Caca Milis Cabaret Anthology ed. Helena Mulkerns (2015)


My story “The Loan”, of a man dealing with the recession (but written before the recession ever started!) appears in this anthology

red lamp black piano










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